Its an Applied Spiritual and Linguistic Technology, and it can help YOU.

You don't have to be lost, you don't have to be at the edge to realise that YOU could do MORE.

At DianeTech, the world's first truly workable lifestyle healing system, we have the only mental technology that actually works.

Founder Lana Diane, internationally recognised healer, actress and psychological writer, developed DianeTech over her entire life. Her breadth of insight is behind a unique system that concentrates on the individual's path through the world of words and effects.

Uncritically inherited from our parents and a sick society at large, words represent the TotalFrame (TF), the objective structure of the world we are born in to and that we have no control over.


On these pages you will discover the vital technology of the mind that is helping ordinary people and criminals get off drugs, beating the depressive effects of modern life, antibiotics and harmful psychiatry.

Through a series of tests and courses DianeTech technologies lift the individual from the pack, place you back on track and empower you as never before imagined.


At DianeTech learning is fun, a relaxed and social way of gently easing the mind back into its natural state

It has been proven that our DianeTech Mental Cleansing Program (MCP) can improve physical health, ending painful migraines, even heart problems


Look around our site,
and start the learning adventure of your life!


New! Moldinavia: Our campaign against this Hatred-filled nation


New! Media: Our stormy relations with the media, covered in detail

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